Food – 09/10/2011

I checked out the iPhone4 today at the ATT store, gosh it is expensive. $650 without a plan and $200 with renewal. I know, I know, I would not have thought myself I will break down and go for anything Apple EVER, but its ok to be wrong. I have had a Blackberry for a long time, great and reliable phone, but the applications really suck. A to-do list app looks like you are back to the stone age.  I do need some great productivity tools, don’t care about twitter and facebook. In my eyes they are incredible productivity wasters.

Since I had an early lunch, just before 11am, I should have had a snack in the afternoon. But I forgot, which spelled trouble namely DQ after church around 7pm just before dinner.

I  watched the “Forks over Knives” this evening, a movie I waited for a long time to get released. The movie ended with “Eat to live, not live to eat.” So true!

Time to cut out the crap called sugar, bread, and milk. It doesn’t make me feel good and I have known it for some time.  Just cleaned up the fridge and freezer and I am ready to go.

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