Food – 09/24/2011

Just got done with the ChaleanExtreme Burn it video. It feels so great. I will be ordering TurboFire shortly. It is one of her brand new workouts, and will be great for the cardio days or when I can’t use the bike. Chalene just rocks!

I just completed my first month with the  ChaleanExtreme system and I am ready to take it to the next level.  The last month I had two rest days which I will now reduce to only one (Sundays) and step up the cardio.

Today is measurement and picture day. Here is what I got so far: I lost 5 pounds and 7 inches. Not a lot in numbers, but its just incredible how I feel.

Worked on my goal to get WordPress expertise and learned about debugging websites with Firebug and how to build navigational drop-downs. Cool stuff!

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