Food – 09/27/2011

Much better. I started out with eggs! Need to find some low-cal snacks in the afternoon.

Todays workout: TurboJam

My freelance work seems to be picking up steam. I have been working on project and client #3 (real estate site) for 10 days. Now, Steven got very busy so I am able to catch a breather and follow up on my clients #1 and #2.
Client #1 (Andrew) I recently updated his business website, would now also like his personal website updated. Just closed that deal as we speak. And client #2 (Cristy) would like a travel and a yoga blog newly designed. Client #4 is my CSA and I will be helping them with redesigning their ordering website to get experience with an eCommerce solution. I basically work for the first 3 month for free to gain an incredible array of experience and will then be able to charge a premium for my services. I like that already!

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