Food – 09/28/2011

I had a day of vacation today. Loved it! I used part of the day to catch up on things and getting setup for more freelance clients. And then tonight I tried out a new workout called Hula Boot Camp at the Monkey Bar Gym. What a kick-butt and fun workout. Check it out here.

I think I am getting the hang of it, to eat less and to focus on nourishing my body. Well, I am not perfect, but its getting better and I seem to figure out my problems faster, like the bread and fruit thing that I really need to avoid those. Since it seems to mess up my blood sugar and will make me hungry all the time.

Todays workout: ChaleanExtreme Push Circuit 2 and Hula Boot Camp

One thought on “Food – 09/28/2011

  1. That workout was FUN FUN FUN!!!! It’s nice to find a social outlet that is healthy, I do not want to spend my “kid free” nights eating and drinking. And the exercise class is actually cheaper than the bar or going out for dinner 🙂

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