Food – 10/13/2011

Got up at 4am and did some freelance work. My full-time job is boring in comparison to my personal life. I think its time to make some changes. Life is too precious to waste it. As my birthday is nearing I am thinking what kind of legacy I would like to leave and what kind of steps need to be taken to make it happening.

Workout: 10 min trampoline

I ordered a new computer today. I am done with Dell. Over the years I have ordered quite a few and was always  brand loyal. But I now find the computers are expensive for what they deliver and my last laptop lasted less than 2 years. I was a little torn between a desktop with 2 monitors or an all-in-one large screen pc. I went with the Acer All-in-One 23″ Touchscreen PC with 4GB RAM & 1TB HD. This way I can speed up the development and have everything up at the same time to test and design. It also had a great speaker system build-in. And its beautiful.

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