Food – 10/30/2011

Went to church this morning and as always it was incredible. Philip, our senior pastor is just awesome. Another busy day. Had get some of my stuff in the row to get ready. Posted an ad on Craigslist to do free websites. Got one response so far and here is what it said:

I own a small business located in the center of Milwaukee. My brother began the restaurant back in 2008 and started a website at Shortly prior to opening the doors after months of construction my brother was diagnosed with skin cancer. At the current time I was a senior at UWM. I over looked the business while he was receiving treatments. Treatment ended up not working and my brother passed away on October 4th 2008. I then took over the business and to this day I am still running the place. So I have that website that has an outdated menu and needs help. I currently employ 24 people and we all take great pride in showcasing milwaukee/wisconsin: cheese, beer, and brats. Please help me out with a website.


How can I not help. And it seem to be that German thing again, lol.

I am working on my own website to offer my web development and training services. Just bought the domain today, so I just started developing the site. This stuff is so much fun. Worked with client #6 this afternoon to show him how to develop wordpress blogs.

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