Woke up early to get up to a brand new day. Yippee, I have my energy back. Freezing cold here in the Midwest about 9 degrees when I got up. After church I went to the gym, doing my active recovery workout. Yesterday I had envision a bunch of things but I settled on treadmill/elliptical in the Cardio Cinema watching Breaking Dawn Part 1. Hey, time flies when you are having fun. And there went 40 minutes.

That bagel shop close to the gym was so tempting. It was already 12:30pm and I was so hungry. My breakfast was at 7:30am. But then I remembered how sluggish I feel when I eat garbage like that and instead came home and made a quick omelet. It was yummy but because I was so hungry I ate way to fast. Dang.

The thought of taking a snack with me had crossed my mind, but then could not find anything worthy of such. As I was preparing my omelet I just realized I had apples and bananas and nuts. I could have even prepared a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit, yogurt, and some nuts/coconut.

What a great week it has been. It has revived my energy, which I struggled with for the last year. With that I am looking forward to my workouts again. Today for the first time with my new gym that I worked out on a Sunday to do a catch-up workout. Outside activity wasn’t an option at 14 degrees. ;-).

I am very much looking forward to a new week with new adventures.

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