This morning I woke up to -4 degrees and I was glad that my car started though making some noises of discomfort. I had a great workout (cardiobounce) again. Due to my increased energy level I can now do more jumps. And I seem to be able to focus better too. I did schedule a BodPod with UWM for Thursday which seems to be more accurate than skin fold measurements.

Now I always wondered and it always happens the same way over and over again, that several in this case 5 of my freelance clients all come back within a day or two of each other and need something done immediately. From simple updates to their sites to checking for errors, to having messed up their own online store while “just” installing an update to WordPress. But then I love to dig into the problems and solve them, just not so much under that kind of pressure.

I really loved yesterdays lesson. There is so much comfort in that letting go of that “all-or-nothing-now method”. And as Krista said in one of those food posts: “Right now, one of the most important things you can do is give yourself permission to be imperfect, to learn and to be walking along this new path IN Lean Eating.” I love that.

Even though I am a very optimistic person I rarely reflect on the day past. Starting now, this will be a great opportunity to practice the attitude of gratitude. So today I am grateful for my energy level during my workout, which felt exhilarating.  Knowing that I will be able to do that Insanity workout lets say by September, when a good portion of my weight had dissolved into thin air.

Workout:  CardioBounce
Gratitude: my energy level during my workout, which felt exhilarating

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