I knew it would be trouble when the gal told me I cant eat for 4 hours before the BodPod measurement. I got up around 4:30am this morning and went to the gym. Had a great workout and was ready for work around 7am  I had a PNB shake, but it not no quite cut it. My body was not able to snap out of this food craving mood all day.

I went with the bus to UWM this morning to get a BodPod and a caliper measurement done. The methods on measuring the body-fat differ widely, but the BodPod is one of the most accurate methods. For some reason I thought the BodPod involves water. Glad it didn’t. Its basically is an air pressure chamber that measures the displaced air caused by a object (me). My body-fat measurements via the caliper was bad and the BodPod value is even the worst. Not sure if I should laugh or cry, but my body fat is staggering 51%. I am more than half fat! How is that for a wake up call.

BodPod:    51%
Caliper:     45%
Handheld:  46 %

The food issue was really annoying me and I am looking forward to learn the skills so I can nip that in the butt if needed. I loved today’s LE lesson that talked about the perfection vs being just a little better every day. It seems a lot easier. Let’s scratch today and lets see if I can do just a little better tomorrow.

Workout: Power Intervalls
Gratitude: It wasn’t as bitter-cold outside.

3 thoughts on “01/24/2013

    1. Thanks, I am trying to make more conscious choices so we can do Insanity In September. Congrats on your 5K. Wasn’t it cold?

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