Since one of my goals is to improve my flexibility. I went to my first Yoga class this morning. Granted a little rushed, since I overslept. I woke up at 5:30am and the class started at 6am. I had to pack my lunch, get dressed and feed the cats. I don’t really know how I made it. Due to the snow this morning the roads were very slippery. I am glad I made it. I am so not flexible, but it felt good and the teacher did correct our poses and pushed us a little further, which I though was pretty cool.

Today we had the topic of changing strategies when something isn’t working. I do apply this to my life when I realize a certain behavior. Like I don’t buy ice cream by the pint. I just cant handle it. If I need some I will go to Culver’s or DQ and get the smallest possible size.

Some of my co-workers talked me into participating in the Warrior Dash this year. So I better be ready for August. We did not sign up yet since we want to make sure we all are in the same wave to help each other.

Workout: Power Yoga (AR)

Gratitude: I was able to catch a little Siamese kitty that was outside braving the cold weather for the last 5 days and dropped him off at the Animal Shelter. He was so desperate that I was able to pet and hold him. Very sweet kitty. Hopefully his owner will find him or he will go to a good home.

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