Earlier this morning it looked like we are getting hammered with snow. But then it turned into rain, icy rain. Dang, I think this will be another winter where I haven’t used my snowshoes once.

I am missing my Barlean’s. I really need one at home and at work. I guess fish pills are ok, but Barlean’s tastes so much better. I called one of our health food stores to see if I could get another bottle this morning and that woman did not even know what that is. I do like to support local businesses, but if they dont have it I have to order it online.

I was doing some cooking for the week and I do gain some efficiency when cooking in batches. I really dont like leftovers, but have no time to putz around in the kitchen during the week. My freelance activities are kicking into gear again. I finished about one and a half clients this week and even did 3 hours today so far. Its moving along nicely.

I was thinking about going swimming at the gym this morning but then got sidetracked with things to do.

I am looking forward to week 3 of Lean Eating and all the things we will learn.

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