Slow eating is hard. And to do that without distractions heck even harder. I usually sit on my laptop reading emails to catch up. There goes today’s check mark out the door as I am typing right now while having my dinner shake. But I did set down the glass and waited a while to take the next sip.

I went out with some friends to have lunch, and guess what I finished first by leaps again. I think I will need to chew each bite 20 times before I can swallow.

I actually felt bad that I posted my weight-loss on Saturday morning in one of the public posts. I was trying to analyze (not that those fluctuations on the scale would ever make sense) why I was one of the few that lost weight and then it dawned on me I had done some tweaks in my diet, which we weren’t really suppose to.I am gluten-intolerant and the way it shows is that it will wear me down and rob me of my energy. I will just be tired all the time. So my body just kicked into rejection mode against too much bread and white carbs (which I always loved and grew up with being German). I think the fish oil assisted in that. But I love that I have my energy back and I dont feel like I am restricted in any way. Since the beginning of the year I lost 10.5 pounds

Today I had two co-workers taste test the coconut protein bars and they really liked them. I love to try new things.

Workout: CardioBounce
Gratitude:  I am thankful to live in the US

2 thoughts on “01/29/2013

  1. Oh my gosh, reading your blog makes me so hungry. Can I come live with you. Such great food ideas and you care enough about yourself to prepare wonderful foods. I will pray for you and the slower eating.

    What kind of protein shake is this? Looks so good. What are the ingredients?

    Blessings to you dear friend. Love,. Sue

    1. It was so yummy. I added frozen banana, papaya, mango pieces, maca powder, chia seeds, green powder, chocolate protein powder, probiotic, 6 ice cubes and water whipped up in the Vitamix. Are you guys busy this weekend? I would love to snowshoe with you!

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