This morning I had to pack up the potato soup (1 gallon) that I made last night including crock-pot and the flan for a potluck at work. And off I went the the gym this morning around 7am.

My strategy to chew 20 times before swallowing doesn’t work so well with the big bites of food that I am used to. so I started using my timer during the meal. Considering that I inhale my food in about 5 minutes, I did pretty well during breakfast with 17 minutes!  Since I was eating lunch with a bunch of folks I did not pull my timer out. Dinner was way too late with after 7pm and I ate it in about 10 minutes with dessert. Bye-bye check-mark.

I am glad I have tomorrow to start over. I should be able to find a strategy that works. My mom told me after I was born, I lost a lot of weight and to help it she would cut a bigger hole into the opening for the baby bottle and I figured out pretty quickly how to drink it pretty fast. And now after 45 years I have to learn how to eat slow. Well it may take me a while.

Workout: Workout 2
Gratitude: Having great co-workers

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