I was working on my slow eating habit today. I did not award myself check marks for the last 2 days since my  effort was rather poor. It may be that I am a crazy German or that I have a higher standard towards myself but felt that this would be a great motivation to kick this habit into gear. I would say this is one of the most important habits I can work on to make the biggest impact in losing the weight for good. I decided to use the timer on my phone and it might be silly, but is a great tool for me to know the best tempo to stretch the food over 20 to 30 minutes. Hey, after all I am a techie and have to analyze anything. This way my mind doesn’t wander off to do other things and forgets the task on hand. I would say the fast eating is contributing to at least 50% to 60% to my current weight. This is why this habit will require some serious long-term effort on my part.

Today was great. I really paid attention and made some great times. So great that I was able to give away that dessert that was pictured for lunch  to a coworker. He was over-joyed. I am glad that all that eating out is over now and I can return to my regular schedule.

Breakfast 28 minutes
Lunch: 31 minutes
Dinner: 18 minutes

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