I was tempted to get up at 5am to get a great head start, but then I forced myself yo sleep until 7am which felt good and was needed. What a busy day. I started the day out with shoveling snow that had fallen overnight, which is always a good exercise and fortunately it was light and fluffy. But I was already a little behind schedule. So breakfast got the short end of the stick. I know I can make an omlete and coffee in less than 10 minutes, and before starting our challenge I could eat it in 5. Well I slowed it down to 10 minutes, not great but at least I was thinking how to make it a little better. And off I wend I needed to do my shopping for the week before the handyman arrived.

Breakfast: 10 minutes
Lunch: 22 minutes
Dinner: 15 minutes

While the handyman was working in one of the apartments I was preparing some of the foods for the week. I had to run more errands and then I went to the gym around 5pm. While I really love the gym, the parking is a nightmare during the day (downtown). I went to the parking garage where gym members can park, and it is one creepy and weird parking garage. It sure wasn’t designed to be for parking.

I got home around 6:30pm which was pretty late for dinner. I made a GN pizza but with BBQ chicken, it was soooo good that I had trouble to eat slow. The first 2 pieces were gone before I remembered, then I made myself wait a couple of minutes to grab the 3rd slice to slow everything down.

Workout: W1
Gratitude: Light and fluffy snow and a little warmer temps

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