I overslept this morning and missed my CardioBounce workout. But I was able to get my WordPress work done for one of my clients before I left for my day-time job. I did snow removal tonight which should be sufficient for active recovery, but I think I will need to kick it up a notch in the coming days.

I know it may sound weird but I am looking forward to picture day. I am dying to compare the changes. I can feel that my pants are getting looser. It sure is not a pretty picture when you carry around a 100 extra pounds, but they are going to melt away this year for sure.

I was debating if I should re-introduce kefir, or sauerkraut, or kombucha back into my current diet again. They are all great little helpers in their own ways. But this time I wont attempt to make any of those and will just go to the health-food store and buy them.

Still working on the slow eating part. Sometimes I cut my food in little bites so I remember to eat slow, but then it looks like a plate for a 2-year old.

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