Started out shoveling snow for 1.5 hours this morning. Then went to the gym to enjoy the sauna. Weird thing was that I did not sweat at all in the sauna, even so it was very hot. I guess I was really dehydrated.

It was so pretty outside today. The snow stuck to the trees. Coming home this evening I noticed it was still light out around 5pm. Yippee spring is coming.

After all the shoveling I thought I would deserve a “healthy” treat from the bakery and they advertised buckwheat banana muffins. So what can be wrong with a gluten free muffin?  Note to self: Just because it may sound healthy it may not be. The sugar in the muffin, or sugar in general actually caused me some heartburn. Its amazing when I start listing to my body how much better I feel. But when I stray, I will have to pay. The weird thing is I dont really love muffins, it seem to be more a habit to want one. So no more muffins unless I make them myself then at least I will know whats really in it.

I just love to listen to Dr. John Beradi. This guy is so incredibly smart.

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