I went to bed too late last night just putzing around which made getting up early a little harder. I did not plan for the LE workout to be that long. Goodness, over an hours and I did switch between two exercises to be  able to skip the breaks. But with sets of 15 and 3 rounds I better make some more time for it. My weights are still too pathetic to report on, like 10# and 12.5#. But it does feel great.

So the habit for the next 2 weeks is eating until 80% full. Oh no, I had made a super yummy breakfast and did not wanted to leave anything on my plate. And eventually after 19 minutes of slow eating and waiting another 5 minutes the full feeling did set in.  I had eaten it all.

Then I had a new strategy for lunch. I gave 1/2 of my soup away to a co-worker before I even started. Much smarter! Lets turn back 1 month and I would have bitten somebodies head off telling me I have to part with some of my food. I really knew  that I ate for 2 and that is why I was a size 22 and 269 pounds at my all-time high. I am very happy that my body did not forget to give me cues on when I should stop eating, I just didn’t listen eating to fast and too much. Oh and my co-worker really enjoyed the soup that I shared with him.

Then dinner came and it was another of those “don’t take my food away” experiences. I made my dinner protein shake from the JB guide. I swear its like ice cream for dinner, just the healthy kind. And I thought how could I possibly cut something out, its my dinner and has to last until tomorrow. But then after slow sipping and a little wait I was kind a stuffed again. So I suppose I can cut just a little, or maybe replace the coconut milk with water and use fewer nuts, and no I did not need the topper. It was more than enough chocolate in that shake. So I wont give myself a check mark for today, even so I kinda had a victory over my brain. Tomorrow I can just trust the process and flow with it.


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