This hunger thing sure struck a nerve. The whole world is telling you eat either 6 little meals or 3 bigger ones and 2 small ones and dont get hungry. I used the last strategy and never got really hungry during the day. The slightest discomfort and I was looking for some food. I should have figured that something doesn’t add up. No diet book, online diet, nor Weight Watchers did mention that. Or if they ever did I probably ignored it.

Today’s Workout: #1

Its not too bad in the morning. I am hungry but I am busy with things so its easier to ignore. When I get to work around 9am I am starving, since by then I have been up 4+ hours and got already my workout in. Lunch time couldn’t come fast enough today. It was pretty uncomfortable. But I am sure it will get better over time and I can see it as fat burning time, baby!

I did make some changes to use smaller dishes at work and cut down the food a little more. Check out the food amounts (before and after)


The bigger plate may be used for salads, but the smaller one will now be my main plate.

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