Hey, that scale of mine is pulling my leg and needs to go. Sometimes I go on the scale before I go to the bathroom and the check again after the bathroom break. Hey , any oz counts. lol So this morning I go on it’s 251 before and after the break I went on again and it was 255. What? I did not eat or drink anything in those 2 minutes, nor did I add any clothing, just went to the bathroom. Go figure. Its out the door. Guess what? It was a Weight Watchers scale. I just ordered a new one on Amazon.

This morning I went to see my doc and they always weight their patients. So that scale was 250 with me having my shoes and clothing on. I think LE is working pretty well.

I slept until 7am, not sure what happened to my alarm, but obliviously I needed some sleep, which made me miss my CardioBounce (Interval) session. Bummer!

One of my friends asked me today how things are going and then she told me that I is even more aware on how she eats. Se we should never underestimate the impact we can have on others.


BF: ratatouille and 2 eggs
L: Salad with mini burger
S: Protein Bar
D: Cauliflower and burger
S: Kefir and choc chips

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