By 8:30am I had already scarfed down my breakfast and my protein bar, literally in less than 1o minutes. No clue what happened. Earlier this morning I had a workout with my trainer, who kicked my butt. On a scale of D-E to D-D, I am pretty sure it was a D-X for extreme. I mean its good for me and will get me to the next level faster.  My trainer is a really cool dude, probably in his late 20s, very sweet and genuine, and lost about 60 or 80 pounds himself. There is no repeat workout. Every workout is different, from kettle-bells to that kranking thingie below.

This thing looks pretty innocent, but  when put into motion for interval training its something else.  To learn more


Fortunately my body snapped back in and I was ok after that. I am doing so much better with eating salads very slowly. Easy doable in 20 minutes or more. Other dishes do take a lot more work to eat slow.

I did not have a shake for dinner last night, so I wonder if that offset the balance.  I even had to have some regular bread this morning. I was doing really good without it. I guess those are just little hangups that may happen once in a while. I was amazed how fast I was able to recover. In the past I thought about those as failures, and one leads to another to another and there I would fall of the wagon, because it was too late. Now it seems silly to derail the train just because I had something not so good for me.

I am thinking of a catch-up workout on Saturday, for yesterdays oversleeping. There is a BodyAttack at 9:15am and a TrippleThread at 10:30am at my gym, but I do have a trampoline and some pretty good workouts for home. Saturdays is usually really busy with lots of things that need to get done.

I just dug out my heart rate monitor. The watch is out of juice and the strap seems to have become pretty brittle. Might as well be time for a new one. One that syncs with my iPhone.

20130220-180005.jpg 20130220-180110.jpg 20130220-180035.jpg 20130220-180056.jpg 20130220-180133.jpg

B: Ratatouille, 2 eggs, and a roll
S: Protein BarL:  Salad
S: Cottage cheese and orange
D: Pineapple, coconut protein shake with choc chips


One thought on “02/20/2013

  1. Hi Simone, it is so much fun reading about your journey. Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. I love the photos. Great self care. Love, Sue

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