I started out with a great PowerIntervals workout.

I got to work just 20 minutes before 9am, so breakfast had to go fast since my first meeting was at 9am. I was able to enjoy lunch at a much slower pace, which had an added benefit of really experiencing the flavors and textures.

Our lesson was: “Hunger Is NOT an Emergency” that means its good to be a little hungry once in a while, even so if it is uncomfortable.

Tonight I only made 1/2 a protein shake since those almonds and the mini Twix bar need to be accounted for. I still eat too much food, so there will be another round of cutting the portions. I am still amazed how little food my body can live on.

I hope we dont get too much snow by tomorrow morning. I do want to go for my yoga class, but will need to shovel first. I may have to get up around 3:45am.

20130221-192811.jpg 20130221-192819.jpg 20130221-192827.jpg 20130221-192839.jpg 20130221-192849.jpg 20130221-192858.jpg

B: potato, onion, peppers, and hamS: protein bar
L: salad
S: orange with almonds
S: mini Twix
D: 1/2 protein Shake


2 thoughts on “02/21/2013

  1. I feel like a pig next you 😉 i eat 5 or 6 times a day, i have been trying to eat half fruits/veggies with each meal. Keep up the good work!

    1. Silly, the difference is I have to lose around 100 pounds. Maintenance mode will be different. Hope you are doing great.

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