Gratitude: Our coach K. asked us to notice & name the top 3 ways you feel or notice that you have improved and changed the past 6 weeks.

#1 – I am more flexible, move more and have a ton more energy
#2 – I know that this program will work for me, allowing me to screw up once in a while and still be successful
#3 – I have changed my cooking and thanks to the slow eating enjoy my foods more
#4 – I have dropped one dress size, 13 inches and almost 8 pounds

Workout 2

Due to the fact that I did not leave the gym until a little before closing around 7pm, I wanted to eat something before I got home. I wasn’t in the mood to cook or make a shake. Downtown Milwaukee is really pathetic and most shops close at 6pm. So I opted for fast food at Culvers with a approx. damage of 1000 calories. Oh well. That strategy did not work too well. So clean slate for tomorrow.

20130223-211024.jpg 20130223-211033.jpg 20130223-211045.jpg 20130223-211057.jpg 20130223-211127.jpg

B: Protein PancakesS: Kombuca
L: Brat, one potato and cucumber salad
S: Banana, Raspberries, yogurt and topping
D: Buffalo chicken tenders and fries

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