It was nice to chill out today. I dont usually do that. I had to refuse work for one of my freelance clients. It was hard, but I have to learn to say no once in a while. The weather sure was beautiful and I am really looking forward to spring. I am ready for a new week.

My meals for today

20130224-190646.jpg 20130224-190713.jpg 20130224-190730.jpg 20130224-190755.jpg

B: Protein Pancakes and apple
L: Gluten-free bread, lamb burger, sprouts, pickles, radishes
S: Yogurt, Raspberries and choc chipsD: Protein shake ice cream with cocoa nibs

My food preparation and new things

20130224-190813.jpg 20130224-190830.jpg 20130223-211156.jpg 20130224-202218.jpg

P1: I love those little cacao nibs. they have a real nice flavor and are good for you.
P2: When I went to the store yesterday I saw those sunchokes. They are yummy just sauteed. Kinda potato, but have a nutty flavor.
P3: I decided its time to get some new spices and replace some older ones that I had for quite a few years now.
P4: This is tonight’s prep for the week. Egg casserole for breakfast, the protein bars before dipping in chocolate, and the lunches.

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