Was a pretty good day, I even had 2 workouts today. Well, one wasn’t really planned. I just got back from a round of shoveling really heavy snow. My morning workout was Cardiobounce, a HIIT workout on a trampoline. Loved it and I am getting better at it! In the past all the jump options were too intense.

I am so excited I will be helping a friend at the Idea World Fitness Convention in August with his booth. Soooooo cool. I got already my vacation scheduled. And now I better lose some pounds to be fit and ready for this adventure.

Here is a quick description on what it is:

Explore the epicenter of what’s happening in fitness, nutrition and wellness today Here’s where over 200 of the top industry brands come together to celebrate innovation and discovery in a high-energy explosion of sound, color, motion and entertainment. Be the first to find out about the hottest new releases in fitness, wellness and nutrition while experiencing live demonstrations, entertainment and sampling of your favorite products.

20130226-194757.jpg 20130226-194819.jpg 20130226-194833.jpg 20130226-194846.jpg 20130226-194901.jpg

B: Zucchini and potato casserole
S: Chocolate Protein Truffle
L: Caribbean Mango Salad
S: Carrots and hummus
D: Protein Ice Cream with Cocoa Nibs


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