First I really wanted to go swimming, but then I though I do need to rest at least a little.  I did a little shopping trip to a pick up a couple of items.

I went to  Sports Authority. I love that store. It has cool workout clothing, unfortunately only up to size XL for women. I wanted to pick a new shirt that I could work my way into. Its an XL and has a more tailored fit. I dont want to wear men’s shirts any longer. So here is the new shirt. It may not look like much to you. But to me it means a lot.


I also went to Joann’s Fabric to pick up a new kids fabric to reupholster a trunk. While in line I was thinking how I would usually treat myself to some little candy that they have very cleverly displayed. Then I had Krista’s words in my ear: “Hunger is not an emergency!”. I even passed the European Bakery as it was another stumbling block on that particular route. I came home and made myself a yummy quick salad.

I had to do a lot of cooking for a potluck at work. I tried a new recipe for a BBQ Pork (with tenderloin) which was made for the crock pot.

20130303-172045.jpg 20130303-190827.jpg

I also tried the Protein Brownies. The verdict is still out since I haven’t tried them yet. I will take them to work and get some independent testers.

20130303-183016.jpg  20130303-192423.jpg

Today’s meals:

20130303-171906.jpg 20130303-171917.jpg 20130302-193040.jpg 20130303-183028.jpg

B: Tortilla, omelet with asparagus and salad
L: Arugula Salad with chicken sausage
S: Bounty Protein Bar
D: Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

* I did snack a little on the stuff I made for work

2 thoughts on “03/03/2013

  1. I was at sport authority today too! Then at the party supplies store. I had to exchange a winter running shirt. Gotta love something fun and comfy for working out 🙂

    1. I really looking forward to wear skinny workout clothing. It will be so much fun. Silly I know. How is running with the stroller? Where do you run?

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