Geeky or efficient?

I just realized I am the total geek. I was working on converting a WordPress site for one of my clients earlier today.

Just recently I finally got a keyboard for my iPad and totally love that. It makes typing a lot easier when I am not at home and a client needs some help and its great for testing a website in iOS. Going forward there will be no more Windows-OS for me. I will be making the switch to all Apple as soon as the laptops die. The average lifespan of my laptops is about less than 2 years. MacBook Pro here I come.

18 month ago I was an Apple hater, then I got the iPhone and everything changed. I added the iPad, AppleTV, and the wireless router from Apple so far. The router allows me to make my printer wireless in 3 simple steps. Its amazing how all the technology just works together. I am a techie and I can make pretty much anything work together but its so darn tedious in the Windows environment. Then you have to upgrade to the next windows OS version and the scramble for drivers of hardware starts all over. I am done with that. I just want to plug and play and concentrate on more important things.


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