Today’s topic was about how to eliminate bad foods from our cupboards and desk drawers. I think I discovered that lesson a couple of years ago while trying to portion out snacks or ice cream for the week, but then ending up eating it all in one sitting, or having to toss the stuff in the garbage because I couldn’t handle it.Back then I thought I was just odd and hadn’t heard that anybody else was struggling with this problem. I still remembered my first binge maybe during my first year here in the US and how freaked out I was. I never had this problem in Germany.  I tried to find an explanation to be able to fix it, but couldn’t. I believed more and more that maybe food scientists play a role in creating this kind of behavior. Why otherwise would a smart person eat a whole box or whole bag of some garbage with zero nutrition in one sitting. Who would do that with apples or broccoli? I have read many books to get to the ground of this problem, just to discover every time I tried to portion something out, I would end up eating up a lot more than I intended to eat.  Fortunately I would experience that only a couple times a year. Ice cream was a big one for me. the last couple of years, when I was in the mood for ice cream I would get a single or baby scoop at an ice cream shop to minimize the damage. But now with my protein ice cream I have found a much better option.


This morning when I got to the gym, the maintenance said: I turned up the temperature a little in the pool, so its not as cold. How sweet! In addition the whirlpool was back in action and I enjoyed 10 minutes in there too.

The snow was suppose to hit early this morning and when I looked out it didn’t. So I just thought it must have missed us and I went happy on my way in my light non-waterproof shoes, the wrong coat, and no scarf. Duh. Hellooooo, its Wisconsin. What was I thinking? The snow just came later. And plenty of it. Again heavy wet snow. That will teach me.

I am trying to cut out my snacks, but it may be too long without any snack in the afternoon. I usually have lunch at 12pm and then dinner around 6pm. Maybe a mini snack would be good.

Today’s Foods and workout:

20130305-195147.jpg 20130305-204838.jpg 20130305-195212.jpg 20130305-195228.jpg 20130305-195241.jpg 20130302-104441.jpg

B: Mushrooms, chicken sausage, roll
L: Arugula, orange, BBQ pork on a roll
S: Hummus and carrot sticks
D: Chocolate peanut-butter  protein ice cream
S: Kombucha
Workout: Swimming

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