Today was a lot better. For one I got about 9 hours of sleep and 2 I was a little better equipped. This morning started out with one of the weight workouts. The first day back on schedule after hurting my back.

I just had to check out how the weights in the girls room compare to the general area, and oh boy there a  little difference. Like 5 racks  of weights and 10 weight benches vs one rack with 2 benches.  I need to inspect that a little further maybe on a Saturday morning, there were way too many people around this morning.

20130307-181022.jpg 20130307-181038.jpg

Fridge cleanup. I am pretty good at this by now and have done this on my own many times. Sometimes things just have a way to find back into my fridge, it seems. But in general it wasn’t too bad, I cleaned up mostly non-organic stuff. Which I can give to one of my under-employed tenants, who will be very happy.

20130307-181158.jpg 20130307-181208.jpg 20130307-181224.jpg

Today’s meals, which did include snacks. I needed to make sure I dont go off on a chocolate frenzy again.

20130307-181000.jpg 20130307-181055.jpg 20130307-181107.jpg 20130307-181119.jpg 20130307-181130.jpg 20130307-183041.jpg

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