So cool again. I had the pool for myself and swam for about 40 minutes.  No more whirlpool for me, I just dont like all that chlorine in there.

I am very grateful for LE and that I was able to recover so fast from my back injury, that I have now tons of energy, and that I figured out an exercise schedule that works well. Since I can be a little flexible and dont have to start work until 9am, I can avoid the morning rush in the pool and in the girls weight area. Next week I restart my 2 HIIT classes, my session with my trainer and do my Friday morning yoga.

I still have to do a quick check on my pantry, but there isn’t really a lot of bad stuff in there. My main problem truly is that I eat too much. Even too much of a good food is bad. I went to TJ tonight and got lots of good stuff.


Work is soon getting crazy again. We have lots of projects going on. I will soon see how all the prep work is holding up against a really busy schedule.

Food was great today. I tried a 4 meal day and it worked pretty well. I can work on the portions a little more, since I dont seem to get that 80% thing down too well. Granted I do eat a lot less already, but I dont get uncomfortable to hungry.

20130308-223140.jpg 20130308-223149.jpg 20130308-223158.jpg 20130308-223213.jpg  20130308-223224.jpg

M1: Veggies, Parmesan, chicken sausage and a roll
M2: Protein pancakes with an orange
M3: Potato, zucchini bake and 1/3 avocado
M4: Protein ice cream

Workout: Swimming


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