I am ready for a brand new week. New week – new habit. The protein one was an easy one for me.  The veggie one is relatively easy as well, as I happen to love veggies, though in the past I was eating quite a bit  of fruit with breakfast and my snacks. But from experience I have lately noticed that veggies keep the blood sugar a lot more stable and the time in-between meals is getting longer.

Tonight I am working on reupholstering an old trunk to store kids costumes and I want to iron and sew a bunch little costumes for them to play dress-up. This project is lingering since Christmas.

Today’s meals:

20130310-182502.jpg 20130310-182513.jpg 20130310-182528.jpg 20130310-182540.jpg

M1: Omlete, strawberries, shredded coconut, walnuts
M2: Egg salad, gf bread with avocado, red peppers
M3: Strawberries, dragon fruit, walnuts, and string cheese
M4: Chocolate PNB shake with kale and coca nibs

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