Sunday Ritual – Food prep for the week

I am done with all my food prep for the week,and it took about 3 hours with breaks as I also did a bunch of other things.

This time I wanted to try to make rolls from the GF bread recipe and I think they came out pretty good. This might look like the content of my pantry but those are just the ingredients it takes to make the gf bread. Its totally worth it as it allows me to eat some bread and it will last about 2 weeks. Those baby zucchini were so cute. The protein bars still need to get coated with some semi-sweet chocolate. But they have to go in the freezer first.

20130310-182558.jpg 20130310-184606.jpg

I went and got a couple new pants. This is so awesome! My size 18W ones just looked awful on me. The tops are big too, but dont look quite as bad. Lots of great progress.

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