I did run a little late this morning, but did get my workout W1 in and because my back was still a little off, I decided to go for a swim. Because I was late I just wanted to go for 15 minutes, but as soon as I get into the water I dont want to get out. So after 30 minutes at 9am I really had leave the pool area. I had another chiro appointment tonight to help my back out. I hope I am ready for tomorrows intervals. I feel like a slacker, not being able to do my HIIT workouts, but realize a back injury just doesn’t go away in a week.

I am fighting some sweet cravings especially in the afternoon and it took me quite some convincing my body that the lentils would do. I had taken out my maple spice syrup from my coffee and are now not getting the sweet taste that I am used to.

I do need to add even more veggies, the lentils came up short and I forgot, no didn’t want to have that kale in my smoothie tonight and choose the greens supplement. I will let it slip today, but it needs to go back in there tomorrow.

My meals:

20130311-183240.jpg 20130311-183256.jpg 20130311-183326.jpg 20130311-183334.jpg 20130311-183523.jpg

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