I am back to my CardioBounce workout. My instructor gave me some cues during class on how to modify some of the moves and I feel great now. I am so tired of this yucky winter weather and I am looking forward to riding my bike to work again and going inline skating along the lakefront (Lake Michigan) on the weekends.

I decided to get a sparkly water maker, since I dont like to drink water. I figured it will be better then either buying the bottled water or not drinking any water at all. Which I very often do. I really dont need flavors but a little sparkle in the water will sure help.

20130312-192132.jpg 20130312-192106.jpg

Today’s meals:

20130312-191950.jpg 20130312-192000.jpg 20130312-192014.jpg 20130312-192028.jpg 20130312-191911.jpg


It sure is cutting time for those beloved protein bars. I really dont need them. I do had a sweet craving again in the afternoon, but I think I just need to re-train my body. It is just a bad habit (very German though – coffee and cake).

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