This morning was Power Intervals and I had a little bit harder time to figure out the easy versions engaging my core so I dont hurt my back again. I missed my HIIT workout! The music was just so inviting to go faster and higher. Stupid back.

I will be making quark pretty soon and then make a quick tutorial! What is quark? A staple in Germany, at least were I grew up. We made cheese cake from it, mixed it with fruit, or had it with herbs and potatoes for lunch and it was yummy.


Food was on track. Slow eating was off. Since I am cutting portions it was kind a 80%. Was I really hungry at any point, nope! So plenty more to work on.

Today’s meals:

20130314-185716.jpg 20130314-185801.jpg 20130314-185851.jpg 20130314-185903.jpg

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