Food-wise maybe not the greatest day of all. I think the leftover fruit salad from yesterdays party caused some blood sugar imbalance. Which made me eat a whole bag of some mini coconut bars right after my workout (350 kcal total). And I wasn’t even hungry. Not great, but I guess it could have been worse.

I had a little party at my house last nigh. It was great to see some old friends, but the food thing is always a problem. I will make or buy foods that are less then optimal for me (and for my friends). I want to rethink the strategy, to make sure I have some fun and lean recipes ready the next time I throw a party.

20130316-191301.jpg 20130316-191244.jpg

One of the gals in the locker room said a couple of weeks ago, that she loves to go to the gym around 2pm on a Saturday, since it is almost empty. So today I thought great I will try that out. Heck, either today everyone who was bored at home decided to show up or her perception of empty is very different from mine. I had to share the girls weight area with two others. I am not used to that.   One was doing some jumping around, and really didn’t use any weights. And the other one (maybe in her mid 20s) was doing a bunch of exercises with 5 pounders – Really, why bother? They had shoved the two benches into some corners. I managed to work around them, but that made me think I need to find a backup spot. Maybe even go to the general area. With 5 levels of equipment there got to be a spot available at any time of day. I need to venture out a little. So when other folks would make note of that problem in their logs, I just thought it cant be that bad. Well, while it wasn’t that bad for me in my case, I now can definitely sympathize.

Today’s meals:

20130316-191425.jpg 20130316-191516.jpg 20130316-191533.jpg 20130316-191547.jpg 20130316-191606.jpg

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