So I decided to check out how certain foods affect my blood sugar. To help with that I will use a glucose meter.  It took me 4 tries this morning to get a good reading, including some YouTube instructions. I had done some experimenting last June but had forgotten how to use it.  I had the sneaky suspicion that oatmeal does do a number on my blood sugar level and will need to be avoided long-term. And it sure does. While I wasn’t too hungry until lunch, it for sure did not make me feel the best.

Today’s Foods

20130318-195838.jpg 20130318-195851.jpg 20130318-200022.jpg 20130318-200035.jpg


06:30am –  87
08:00am – LE Workout2
09:00am – 82
09:10am – Oatmeal
09:38am – 112
09:19am – Coffee
10:39am –  93
11:09am – 86
11:44am – 85
12:15pm – Salad
12:45am – 85
01:13am – 80
01:47pm – 87
02:00pm – Carrots and Hummus
02:21pm – 91
03:00pm – 86
06:00pm – 80
06:20pm – Protein shake
07:00pm – 89
07:43pm – 84

I pricked myself about 25 times today, including getting some wrong measurements and needed to adjust how to use the meter.  I will do more fine-tuned measuring as the days go on to establish a base line. Tomorrow I will take out coffee and make sure I have at least two hours in-between meals. The meals will be very similar.

The purpose of this test is to see the impact of certain foods on my body. And with the knowledge I can make smarter choices, in addition to it being fun to see some effects first hand.

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