I wasn’t too pleased with the effects of the oatmeal. Being already really hungry at 3am in the morning, WTH. And then oversleeping and missing my workout. Great! So now I will have to fit in a catch up workout somewhere.

Yippee. I can see my body changing. And its so funny how the skin starts to dimple when the fat is melting. Love it!

Eating was a lot smoother again today.

Today’s meals:

20130319-200410.jpg 20130319-200427.jpg 20130319-200440.jpg 20130319-200452.jpg

Blood Sugar Levels:

I continued measuring my glucose, but now I ran out of strips and need to wait for my amazon delivery in 2 days. Very interesting was the spike in the evening. I had a slight toothache which causes a little discomfort. The weird thing is I went to the dentist for a cleaning early last week, and they even did a roundabout x-ray and there was nothing.

06:15am – 8408:00am – Breakfast
08:45am – 110
09:26am – 86
10:00am – Coffee with milk
12:00am – Salad
12:34am – 98
12:45am – 97
01:03pm – 81
02:00pm – White beans, cucumber and corn chips
03:15pm – 85
05:45pm – 100
07:30pm – Protein Shake
09:35pm – 100

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