I finally went to the dentist.  I had a really bad toothache on and off for over a week. I thought it may just be sensitivity, but a root canal was needed and I am now glad its fixed.

Tested out an app today called MealSnap. Quite funny. The way it works is you take a picture of your meal and it will figure out what you ate and how many calories. Well it may work for mainstream food, but its quite interesting what it comes up with. It determined I put peanut butter on my eggs, yuck! But in reality it was mustard. Granted not many folks will put mustard on their eggs, but peanut butter? Then we (with a bunch of co-workers) decided to snap a picture of a stapler and see what happens. It figured it was a non food item.


Its official we registered in the Warrior Dash for August 3rd! 4 month to get in shape!

Today’s meals:

20130325-195103.jpg 20130325-195125.jpg  20130325-195111.jpg 20130325-195135.jpg






6 thoughts on “03/25/2013

  1. Oooh, the warrior dash will be fun! I just signed up for the rock n sole 1/4 marathon…. time ro start training!

      1. Running with the stroller is hard work! We only do that occasionally. Maybe coffee and a stroll along the lake, then we can catch up. And i can bring maia if she is not with her dad that day.

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