I lost my log entry 3 times yesterday. I always prepare it on my external blog, since it is easier and faster to add the pictures. Not last night.

It sure was a busy day, I did my first workout of phase 3 (and I am quite sore today). I think I start liking the weight-beating workouts. I did hang out and had some fun with the some little visitors and I did a bunch of cooking.

My latest stats:

Weight: -15lb
Measurement: -15inches
Habit: Smart Carbs
Workout: Phase 3


Not sure why I totally forgot all about ProteinPow and instead went after the commercial candy, making me feel like crap. I now picked out some recipes, ans are just trying the Dark Chocolate Eggs.

Yesterdays meals:

I experimented with the cabbage rolls. My farm only had small cabbages, while I always love veggies that are smaller in this case it makes it hard to wrap anything in those leaves. Then I experimented with Spring Roll Wrappers and liked that a whole lot better. Now I just need to find a nice dipping sauce to round them out.

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