I started out with my workout 2 this morning. It seemed I had the perfect timing since there was nobody in the workout area.

I am debating if I should get a little portable dishwasher. I am growing tired of the amount of dishes I use and have to wash, it starts feeling like a part-time job sometimes.  Does anybody else has that problem? My kitchen is rather small, but pretty efficient. I just love to cook, hmm and eat.

I know those are a lot of protein powders. I cycle through them, to not get intolerant of a certain kind. The Truteins wont come back, they have a yucky artificial after-taste.

20130401-194835.jpg 20130401-194855.jpg

Monday’s meals:

20130401-193049.jpg 20130401-193100.jpg 20130401-193124.jpg 20130401-193108.jpg 20130401-193138.jpg 20130401-193153.jpg

I did eat way too much and could not resist the pretzel torte. Whats up with that? I think its time to cut out some food. 80% – what is that? Eating slow? Haven’t done that in a while either.

B: Veggie frittata and papaya with chili powder
S: Easter Protein Thingies
L: Beef stew with root veggies and cauliflower mash
S: Pretzel Torte
S: Lentils and sausage
D: Protein shake with cocoa nibs



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