I could not get up this morning and had to skip my workout. I am feeling very tired and it just occurred to me that besides it being TTOTM, spring fever is starting and I need to up my immune booster to get my energy back.

After lunch I went to my doctor to discuss my blood work. I had a about 4 values that where off the normal range and they were all related to my low functioning thyroid. Which is pretty easy to fix with some thyroid pills. Otherwise she was very pleased and could already see some positive results in going gluten-free/grain-free. But it usually takes 3 month to reflect those changes in the blood. I got really hungry around 2:30pm after the Dr appoinment and was scrambling to find something decent to eat. It totally hit me by surprise.  Though while hunger isn’t an emergency. I was crabby and mad that my doc was 45 minutes late! Since she is very good at what she does (now a really smart holistic doctor, but has worked for many years in the ER with conventional medicine) there wasn’t much I could do. Except to take mental note to schedule my next appt first thing in the morning at 8am to avoid this.

A co-worker just told me that they will be having pasture eggs for sale from their 12 little chickens, something they started last year. This is exciting and I would be more than happy to pay $5 for a dozen of eggs. But they only want to charge $3. That’s silly!

Thursday Meals:

20130404-191822.jpg 20130404-191833.jpg 20130404-191839.jpg 20130404-191845.jpg 20130404-191854.jpg

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