I did not see it coming. The last couple of days had some pretty clear signs. I was low on energy (which is pretty unusual for me). For the last 3 days I have been trying to switch out my wardrobe and do some other minor chores, like painting  a wall, after I got home from work. But I could not get myself to do those things. It was a little odd being that lazy. But this morning, after sleeping in until almost 8am and having to cancel my trainer, it finally dawned on me. My spring allergy is back. I get it every year, and every year I forget. I just have to boost my immune system and I will be fine again.

Friday’s meals

20130405-184715.jpg 20130405-184729.jpg 20130405-184740.jpg 20130405-184756.jpg

Its about 7pm and I feel so much better.

I love this one. I just found it and it is another great one from Ryan on a blog post titled Top travel-friendly nutrition tips.

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