I just love having my energy back. Spend most of the day helping my friend to organize her guest bedroom.

Today’s shopping trip was more geared to stock up on some canned beans and pumpkin. In addition I still have lots of food in the freezer


I love to experiment more with the beets and the sweet potatoes. I will be trying a new cake recipe. No dont worry I didn’t go off the deep end. Its a protein cake from my Protein Pow cookbook. Lunch was again out of my control and I was over hungry, but why sweat the small stuff. I really like the sweet potato in my shake. The flan was an unfortunate consequence of only having 3 meals during the day and having no “better choice treat” available.

.20130406-215615.jpg 20130406-215651.jpg 20130406-215704.jpg 20130406-215716.jpg

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