Well the joys of home ownership. We have a bunch of stray cats (they look like Scottish Folds with the ears bent back)  roaming the neighborhood and if we dont catch them now they will multiply like crazy soon. So I picked up a cat trap from the Animal Control, but they were telling me that we could easily fetch a possum or raccoon with that too. Yikes! Last year I trapped 7 squirrels and transplanted them a couple of miles away. My first ever live trap was pretty scary and I asked one of my tenants to come with me, but after that it was easy. Fortunately with the cats Animal Control will service the traps. So they will come and pick them up. In February I actually caught a little Siamese kitty with my hands and brought him to the Animal Control. He was so cute. Somebody must have kicked him out in the middle of winter. He went on to be adopted.

Those Brazil nuts in my desk drawer were calling my name today. I ate a whole bunch, but now they are all gone. Not sure what triggered it but it definitely wasn’t hunger. On our LE team forum, folks were pondering the treat thing, and how good or bad those replacements are.  Just yesterday I stumbled over this article by Ryan Andrews, and I think it holds true for me too. I can deal with good but if it is too good, it could be gone in no time. I have tried many time to ration certain foods in the past before LE and ended up eating it all or dumping it in the garbage because I just did not have the willpower.

So while those treats are good (made with beets), there are not that great to eat too many in one sitting. I am also still reading the book Breaking the Food Seduction to find out more. I am a slow reader as I only have time to read before going to sleep and I will fall asleep within two pages of a book. One more reason I change to mostly audio books.


Monday’s Meals:

20130408-210742.jpg 20130408-210751.jpg 20130408-210758.jpg 20130408-210807.jpg 20130408-210816.jpg

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