My 5 year anniversary at work made me realize that I lost track of my goals. So I am going to establish some. Life just doesn’t seem so adventurous and fun any longer. I need to change that. I now this year I will get a lot closer to my “perfect” body. I may need a second round to finish it, maybe those last 20 pounds. But who knows. Well I think I have to get real with myself. I have been doing my exercise most of the time, and do my core habit for the week. But the eating slow and 80% is a hard nut to crack. Those two habits are so crucial for me that I need to get them down. I know I eat too much. I need to focus on it!

Tuesday’s Meals:

20130409-202635.jpg 20130409-202645.jpg 20130409-202653.jpg

B: Egg casserole with sunflower sprouts and strawberries.
L: Italian beef on a roll, different salads, pineapple. We had a potluck at work and I did pretty good. Not pictured are a couple of chips and salsa.
D: Chocolate Protein Shake It tasted really fishy today, even so I always add Carlson’s Fishoil Lemon flavor to it.

4 thoughts on “04/09/2013

  1. I am starting a 5training week cleanse/detox run by my naturopath. The kick off meeting was tonight and it looks good. All the stuff yiu already know. It’s an anti inflamatory diet and liver detox. There will also be a lot of focus on mindful eating, which is when i thought of you. You should join! This first week is just prep week. No sugar, caffiene and something else… i cannot remember? I already have a good start but like the detox for new ideas and to be strict with my diet. Anyway, look on invivos website. If you are ineterested yoh can contact sarah, i think there are 3 spots open. And congrats on 5 years! Scary how fast time goes by

    1. Thanks for the info. I am currently in the Lean Eating program of Precision Nutrition committed for one year. They do cover a lot of different things including the mindful eating. We had already two of those habits. Eating slow without distraction and only to 80% full. Those will take a long time, even years, for most folks to practice and become good at. We learned some good strategies, and since everyone is different, everyone has to find their own way. I have to say this program is totally awesome and has taught me already a lot. So its an exciting journey.

      Its always interesting to see how others improve health and well-being. Keep me posted how your program is going.

      PS: It even works without the check-box.

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