Making buckwheat crepes, voila!

Yesterday while I was searching for a gluten-free buckwheat recipe I stumbled over how to make crepes. I remember them from Germany and always loved them sweet, made with nutella and banana. I like the idea to stuff in all kinds of things.

So this morning I went to Target and picked up a tortilla pan ($8) and a spatula ($13) and tested it out. And I love it. It makes thin wrappers for anything.I followed the following recipe:

8 ounces milk
4 large eggs
4 ounces buckwheat flour
good pinch kosher salt
coconut oil or butter for the pan

I ground the buckwheat in the Vitamix and then processed everything in there to make it easy. And with the spatula its easy to flip. Makes 5 to 6 crepes.

20130413-143200.jpg 20130413-143219.jpg 20130413-143252.jpg 20130413-143311.jpg

We had measurement day again, like every week and to my delight I did loose some weight again. Even so I have done pretty well, I think the bulk of the weight-loss is coming from my thyroid medication that I started a little while ago. I lost 17 pound and 22 inches total so far in 13 weeks and I feel great.

I was scheduled for an oil change for my car at 3:30pm, when I arrived the service manager told me that he did not have me in his system and that they would not get to me as they are closing at 4pm. Ahhh, thats why I needed that snickers ice cream bar.

Saturday Foods:
20130413-143114.jpg 20130413-143130.jpg 20130413-143232.jpg 20130413-143311.jpg 20130413-214933.jpg 20130413-214944.jpg
B: One crepe with hazelnut butter and banana, and one crepe with romaine and smoked salmon
S: Arnold Protein Shake (I swear that is what they called it,  but I originally went there for a coffee around 12pm)
L: Two crepes with romaine and smoked salmon and cucumber salald
S: Snickers Ice Cream Bar
D: Protein Shake with whip on top

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