Pictures: I really dont like to see myself in pictures. And my first LE progress picture is downright gross. But in the end it will be a great comparison no matter how many pounds I will lose by the end of this year. I just snapped one this evening, not great, but as good as it gets for now. And I squeezed myself into the new shirt. the old ones are getting big.


New Find: I think I found a great new source for fun meals.


Inspiration for today. I love that!


Ingredients of a super yummy Protein Shake – cooked sweet potato, pnb, Barleans orange swirl, Maca powder, Chia seeds, greens powder, casein chocolate, almond milk, ice and sprinkles of cocoa nibs.


Farm Share:  I ordered some Boston Lettuce, leeks, fresh pasture eggs, spinach, Swiss chard, carrots, turnips, and broccoli sprouts. It was so fragrant which means it sure is fresh.


Tuesday Meals:

20130416-182059.jpg 20130416-182107.jpg 20130416-182116.jpg 20130416-182125.jpg 20130416-182138.jpg

M1 – Protein Shake
M2 – Roesti, egg, radishes
M3 – salad with beef and some pineapple cake
M4 – spring rolls with soy sauceM5 – PNB, sweet potato Protein Shake

I did have too many meals. It just occurred to me that it probably was my lack of sleep triggering the cravings for food.

3 thoughts on “04/16/2013

  1. Looking good…;-)…your progress is amazing!
    Simone,where do you get your cacao nibs?
    And could you please recommend some good GF resources,I have been diagnosed recently and I need some direction.You are so organized and resourceful!:-)….Any kind of good reading,websites and where to get good GF product online.Only if times permits,I know you are a very busy lady.

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