While glancing over the lesson this morning, I stumbled over the questions:

  • Do you feel better now than you did on your first day? Heck, yes.
  • Do you make better choices? Totally and I am enjoying it.
  • Are your clothes fitting better? No, they dont fit any longer. I have already dropped a size and are about to wiggle myself into a 14. I started out at a 18/20W.
  • Are you stronger? Very likely, but not a focus.

This morning was my Power Interval session. I just love how much faster I am able to move. And I still love Cardio! Its just fun.

I had one of the trainers do my caliper measurements today, and heck they sure are different. Last time I went to the University and had it done in addition to the BodPod measurements. I am not sure which of the gals were off, but the first one did not really pinch me. Hypothetical if I could trust those numbers, I lost 66mm within the last 3 month. But then regardless its moving in the right direction.

Tonight I was getting my bike stuff out to get ready for the season. Does a helmet needs to be replaced after so many years? I now have had mine for 14 years. Need some gloves, bike shorts and some (yellow) night glasses.


Those make a great chocolate fix.  They are really yummy.


I can feel the effects of the 5 hours of sleep. I want more food! I do have to work on getting to bed earlier so I am rested.

Thursday Meals:

20130418-204535.jpg 20130418-204605.jpg 20130418-204550.jpg 20130418-204621.jpg 20130418-204633.jpg

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