It sure was a lovely day and I got a lot of stuff done. I finally took the Christmas lights down, since they aren’t frozen to the shrubs any longer. The sun was out all day. Life is good.

I have to do my new workout cheat sheets as we enter a new phase and I do love habits that are no-brainers. New habit: tracking food intake. I think I am doing ok with that. I have actually used dietSnaps for quite some time before abandoning it.  I dont like how it stores the pictures, just a pain to access and it did not allow me to import the pics directly into WordPress which was the biggest disadvantage. I love my current method of tracking.  It basically gives me a snapshot of all my meals at the end of the day. This way is a lot easier to see if I ate crap or way to much. I also tracked on MyPlate by livestrong for years before dietSnaps and in the end that was just a bunch of data and a list of foods with little meaning. I was never able to connect the dots. Its fun to know how much of each vitamin I had per day and the deficits, but it did not lead me to better choices. Now when I evaluate my day worth of pics I can exactly see if I had different color veggies and good proteins and if I ate balanced meals. And its fun! I guess everyone is different, I am just glad I found the method that suits me the best.

Eating was a little weird today. I did not get to eat breakfast until 10am, lunch was at 4pm and dinner was at 7pm. I am so ready for grilling season. Steak just tastes so much better grilled. Actually I dont even attempt to make it any other way.

20130420-115658.jpg 20130420-215126.jpg 20130420-215140.jpg 20130420-215155.jpg

B: Crepes with ricotta, strawberries, coconut, and pecan pieces
L: Romaine lettuce with avocado, radishes, ham, and one egg
L: Dark Chocolate Cheesecake truffles with 2 strawberries as dessert
D: Swiss chard, red onions, parsnips, garlic, pepper, salt, cayenne pepper and a round steak (pasture)

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